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Surfaces 2017: Announcing CorkWood

This week we’re launching three new collections at the 2017 Surfaces flooring trade show in Las Vegas! The latest from our Innovation Lab is our new…

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TORLYS Design Notes: Holiday Decorating

The weather is cooling down, and the elves are coming out of hiding. You know what that means! The holiday season has finally arrived, so it’s…

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TORLYS Design Notes: Industrial Kitchen

Over the last decade, kitchen design has taken a page out of the commercial design book. Sleek, clean and functional has become the basis for modern…

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How To Choose the Right Rug For Your Room

Area rugs serve many purposes. They can be used to make a design statement in your home, to section off different spaces, or to protect floors…

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TORLYS Design Notes: Vintage Luxury

Not all lofts are created equal. Some are eccentric and modern, while some are industrial and edgy. Industrial Lofts Industrial lofts, with their large-scale architecture and…

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TORLYS Design Notes: Cottage Charm

Whether you live in a loft, by a lake or in the suburbs, there’s an easy formula to create cottage charm. It helps when the room’s…

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TORLYS Design Notes: 3 Tips for Decorating with Grey

Over the past ten years, grey has become the modern-day neutral and has replaced beige as a go-to base colour. Its versatility makes it easy to…

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TORLYS Design Notes: Modern or Vintage

Is it Modern or Vintage?  Depending on when you were born this living room is either freshly modern or very vintage! Either way, the décor celebrates…

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TORLYS Design Notes: Modern Luxury

Modern luxury. Just the words themselves sound fancy and unattainable. Luckily for you, we have some design tips on how to achieve the look in your…

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TORLYS Design Notes: Vintage Industrial

We love the vintage industrial design look. It’s warm, inviting, on-trend and chic. But what exactly is industrial interior design? And how do you achieve the…

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The Resale ROI: 11 Improvements For Your Home

If you’re selling your home, doing some simple renovations can increase your selling price and get your house off the market much faster. All you have…

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