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In focus: International Women’s Day | TORLYS Women

When women are given opportunities in business, we all benefit. Beyond the social fairness arguments advocating for gender diversity, it also proves beneficial to the health of a business. According to a study from McKinsey & Company, “companies with higher levels of gender, ethnic, and cultural diversity are more likely to outperform their less diverse peers on profitability” (Canadian Women).

It’s also important for women in business to see other women succeeding and in positions of leadership. As discussed by the Rockefeller Foundation, female leaders provide, “the support and role models women desperately need to advance in their careers and bringing about much-needed changes in the workplace benefitting both genders” (Rockefeller Foundation).

The Flooring Industry & TORLYS

If you close your eyes and envision the flooring industry – who and what makes up the picture in your head? Likely your traditional idea of flooring doesn’t reflect the reality of the current makeup of the industry. Over the past few decades, the people who make up this industry have become increasingly diverse including the number of women, challenging the traditional image of the floor covering industry.

For companies like TORLYS that place value on entrepreneurship and innovation, an increased number of women in leadership positions directly correlates to increased innovation and investing in innovation (Forbes).

At TORLYS, we are lucky we don’t need to look far to find examples of strong women in leadership positions. We reached out to a few of these leaders for their thoughts on working as women in the flooring industry, on leadership, and on life at TORLYS.

Women at TORLYS Share Thoughts & Experiences

TORLYS TeamMates for International Women's Day

“I’ve always stood up for my beliefs and been driven to achieve excellence. While my professional journey has been challenging at times, working to break the glass ceiling and diminish stereotypes of leadership, it has been equally rewarding! As a leader, I’ve aimed to create an environment that fosters change and challenges future trailblazers to achieve new heights. The women at TORLYS are creative, driven, and focused while being empathetic multi-taskers and masters of work-life balance, and becoming better leaders each day.”

– Myriam Navas
Senior Vice President, Operations

“Marketing is my passion, flooring is where I ended up!  I have been working in the flooring industry since completing my undergrad, over a decade ago now. For me, being a woman in this industry has brought both expected and unexpected challenges, but I have been very lucky to have worked with great mentors and be supported through both my professional and personal growth.  Now as a leader at TORLYS, it brings me great pride to work alongside so many smart women with all different skillsets – and to be able to (hopefully) provide some of that same mentorship and support to the new, young ladies joining our team.”

– Cheryl Royer
Director, Marketing

“I worked for over a decade in the building materials industry before moving specifically to the flooring industry. When I started, the percentage of women in leadership roles in these industries were few and far between with almost none in executive roles. Here at TORLYS we have many examples of women that have proven their way and worth, showing that companies benefit by these leaders and mentors. It is a true honour to work with so many strong women that are innovative, influential, decision-makers at TORLYS and in our flooring world.”

– Karen Parkman
Category Specialist 

“As a woman who’s spent her career in building materials, one of the most rewarding aspects is staying active with fellow women in my network, watching them develop, find mentors and grow into leadership opportunities. The diversity of experiences that women at TORLYS brings is strong, and critical to our success. I’m so pleased to be part of a company that encourages women to find creative solutions, stretch themselves and contribute to the strategic growth of the business and their teams.”

– Andrea Pernicky
Director, Human Resources

“Somehow, I’ve always been in male-dominated industries: newspaper, oil, construction, tech, and now floor covering. At TORLYS, women are respected and valued for sharing their voice and opinions and we are all truly on the same team. I’ve been able to meet and build strong connections with other like-minded women at TORLYS, and these relationships have empowered me tremendously and inspired me to grow both in my role at TORLYS but also personally.”

– Leah Robinson
Manager, Digital Marketing & Promotions

“Having worked in the floor covering industry for nearly two decades (all of which with TORLYS), I’ve been fortunate to work alongside some amazing women who encouraged me to reach for the stars and supported me in my career and personal journey. It has been so rewarding to grow within this industry where I’ve been able to make my mark while empowering, motivating, and supporting other women at TORLYS as they evolve in their careers!”

– Susana Zmarzly
Director, Customer Experience & Operations

“I’m inspired as a woman in flooring by the strong, smart and fierce women I get to work with in this male dominated industry. What TORLYS does right is understanding the power of a woman in leadership by having women represented through all levels of management. It’s an honour getting to learn from all of these incredible women that have been supportive of me through my own career.”

– Stephanie Brutto
HR Supervisor, Total Rewards & TM Experience

When women come together and support each other, we all win. The flooring industry and TORLYS will prosper if we continue championing TeamMates with different backgrounds and experiences.

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