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Feature & Benefit Icons Glossary

For nearly 35 years, innovation has been in our DNA. Since our founding in 1988, TORLYS has been creating and delivering innovative flooring solutions using the latest technologies. TORLYS Innovation Lab has worked tirelessly to reimagine flooring and ensure all our products are made with excellence and built to last.

Committed to Constant Never Ending Improvement (CNEI), TORLYS offers a wide variety of remarkable features and benefits that set us apart like never before. With features such as Waterproof and Easily Repairable with our TORLYS Bulldog™ easy plank replacer, choosing a TORLYS Floor has never been easier.

You may have seen a variety of icons used throughout TORLYS website to represent all the features and benefits of our floors. If you’re wondering what these icons entail, look no further! Discover what feature each icon corresponds to below.

Feature & Benefit Icons

waterproof iconWaterproof 

Wet mop approved and fit for any room in the home, including kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.

water resistant iconWater Resistant­

Engineered to resist damage caused by water and moisture on the surface of your floor.

flood warranty iconFlood Warranty

A TORLYS exclusive. The combination of the patented Uniclic® joint and antimicrobial technology ensure your TORLYS Smart Vinyl floor is protected from water damage.

transition free iconSeamless Installation

Let the beauty of your floor live uninterrupted by unsightly transitions.

scratch resistant iconScratch Resistant

Smart engineering of TORLYS Smart Core and TORLYS Maxx Commercial Finish provide added protection against scratches.

easily repairable iconEasily Repairable

Quickly and easily repair single damaged planks or tiles with ease with TORLYS Bulldog™ easy plank replacer

warm and quiet iconWarm & Quiet

Keep your home warm, reduce the transfer of noise, and easily even out subfloor imperfections with the natural insulating properties of cork

antimicrobial iconAntimicrobial

Built-in protection against mold & odor causing bacteria keeps floors 99% cleaner between cleanings, 24/7.

gap resistant iconGap Resistant

Advanced joint with pretension technology helps prevent unwanted gaps from appearing in your floor, no matter the season.

dent resistant iconDent Resistant

Smart engineering of TORLYS Smart Core and TORLYS Maxx Commercial Finish provide added protection against dents

plastic free iconPlastic Free

Free of plastic and harmful VOC emissions to help contribute to a healthier home.

wear resistant iconWear Resistant

Anti-wear resistance with TORLYS Maxx Commercial Finish so your floor starts beautiful and stays beautiful

Underlays Icons

Moisture Barrier Underlayment IconMoisture Barrier

Designed to prevent water from moving through other materials while protecting your floor

Above, On and Below Grade Underlayment IconAbove, On & Below Grade

Enjoy the comfort of TORLYS Floors on any level of your home with suitable above, on, and below grade installations.

Radiant Heat Underlayment IconRadiant Heat Safe

Suitable for use over radiant-heated subfloors. See warranty for full details.

Made in Canada Underlayment IconMade in Canada

Proudly designed in Canada.

TORLYS constantly strives to create innovative flooring solutions using the latest technologies to bring benefits to you. That is why finding floors that are suitable for your space has never been easier. With the help of TORLYS Features and Benefits icons, you can ensure you are receiving the quality floors you deserve. Find a trusted TORLYS Dealer to assist you with this important decision and use the icons on our collection pages to discover the features and benefits of each floor.

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