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Move Over Hardwood, CorkWood Is Coming to Town!

Introducing CorkWood — a floor with all the beauty of hardwood, the warmth and comfort of cork, and the endurance of laminate. You have to see and feel this floor to believe it. See if you can tell the difference: Look closely at the swatches below and select the three floors that are NOT cork.

Surprise! All are cork. The level of print clarity is remarkable! Corkwood floors are embossed with a soft grain texture and are treated with a durable ultra-matte UV finishing coat.

CorkWood’s core is durable HDF for stability with a layer of cork fused to the top and bottom of the core. The difference is in the finishing of the surface. Rather than adding a simple stain and top coat, CorkWood floors go through a sophisticated printing process that gives each plank a wood grain surface and makes it more fade resistant.

The Look of Corkwood

The new wood grain pattern and colour options of CorkWood expands the application of cork beyond natural and organic decors. You can incorporate it into any interior design—from classic-traditional to industrial-modern. There is a CorkWood design for you. See the full collection here.

The Durability & Comfort of Corkwood

Cork’s ergonomic benefits and comfort makes it more popular than harder floors. Cork has the natural ability to absorb impact, and with its flexible strength, it is the ideal flooring choice for kitchens. It is also a natural insulator and helps to keep rooms warm and regulates temperature.

Styling Corkwood

This suburban contemporary kitchen features a CorkWood floor. The cabinetry features a smoke-grey stain and the décor choices are minimal and bright. This combination allows the kitchen to retain a modern feel. However, the character of the CorkWood floor adds personality and warmth.

Browse through the TORLYS CorkWood collection at the TORLYS website. And once you have picked your favourite, visit your local TORLYS dealer!

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