Styling Grey Floors

Grey hardwood or laminate flooring is versatile. Its clear, glassy appearance enhances natural light, opening spaces to make rooms feel airy. While a grey floor looks delicate, scratches and stains seem to blend right in. Grey floors are timeless and your decorating options are endless. Warm and cozy. High-tech and contemporary. Traditional and elegant. Read more to find out how to create your ideal space.

5 Shades of Grey Floors

Grey flooring isn’t just “grey flooring”. Every grey hardwood or laminate floor will have undertones that give it a personality of its own. There are five main shades of grey floors:

  • Yellow
  • Brown/Beige
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green

Yellow, brown and beige tones will give a grey floor a soft, comforting feel. Grey hardwood or laminate with a blue or green tint will make a space feel cool and contemporary. The darkness of your floor can also change its personality. Light grey floors will create an airy and open space; darker shades will make a room look more intimate and modern.

Choose Your Colour

Just some of the great choices for your next grey floor:

EverWood Elite Sunriver - Grey Floors

EverWood Elite Sunriver

EverWood Elite Valley Springs - Grey Floors

EverWood Elite Valley Springs

Artisan Elite Hardwood Ravenscroft Oak - Grey Floors

Artisan Elite Hardwood Ravenscroft Oak

Supersolid 5 Beach Grove Oak - Grey Floors

Supersolid 7 Beach Grove Oak

Largo Laminate Long Island Oak Light - Grey Floors

Largo Laminate Long Island Oak Light


Decorating Grey-tness

Now that you have selected the shade of grey you want, you can start to pick out furniture and paint that will complement it. The rule of the thumb: go with your floor’s flow. For example, if your flooring has a blue hue to it, select teal pieces to bring it out. However, if you want to stray, you can. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Pinks and creams will soften a red-grey floor.
  • Warm up a blue-grey floor with golds and browns.
  • Dark grey floors will make bold colours like black, white or red pop.
  • Light grey floors work well with cream, beige and other warm colours. Consider silver as an accent for a high-tech masculine feel.
  • Neutrals and black are perfect for brown-grey flooring.

Set the Tone

A grey floor can turn a living room into a modern, high-tech hub or a bedroom into a tranquil, welcoming retreat—it all depends on the accents you choose. No matter the shade or hue of your grey floor, follow these guidelines to create the perfect feel for you and your space:

  • Purple and pink décor will create a romantic, sensual feel that is perfect for bedrooms.
  • Yellow accents will brighten up the space, making it cheerful.
  • For a space that is elegant and stylish, choose blue pillows, throws, paint and curtains.
  • Looking to make a bold dramatic statement? Accessorize with red!
  • Green is the go-to colour for a relaxing, rustic room. Don’t forget the leafy plants and bamboo furniture—they work well with grey hardwood.

Pops of red add a bold statement to this model home’s grey decor. Photo from Baywest Homes via Houzz. The floor is EverWood Premier in Beach House.

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