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Introducing TORLYS Envique Flooring Collection

We are excited to announce the addition of the Envique Laminate Collection to our TORLYS roster.

Envique laminate is a beautifully crafted collection that gives a natural and warm feel to any space. Each style in the Envique collection has its own design story. Long, wide planks, infinitely appointed textures, and trend inspired design have created a collection that is a balance of rustic and modern.

Check out looks from vintage hardwood, patterned concrete, and eye-popping natural pine. This laminate is one you have to see and touch to believe.

The Benefit of New Technology

The benefit of getting a luxury floor today is that you can enjoy all of the engineering that has gone into it. We won’t get too heavy-handed with the details, but you might like to know that Envique Floors are:

  • Designed with a “rollover edge” for authenticity
  • Produced with increased moisture resistance
  • Built to resist wear, burns, staining, and fading
  • Super easy to clean and repel dirt

If you’d like to learn more about this Collection, send us a message on Twitter or Facebook or contact a TORLYS dealer to learn more.

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