10 Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Summer is about enjoying the beautiful weather and the great outdoors. And you can make your outdoors look even greater in a short amount of time with these 10 quick-and-easy backyard decorating tips.

But there’s one outdoor decorating trend you shouldn’t follow; it’s popular, but disastrous for our feathered friends. We’ve included it in our list as a warning.

1. Pinecones For Your Garden

Collect pinecones and decorate your flower and vegetable garden with them. By placing them in your garden as part of the bedding, you’ll keep animals away from plants.

pinecones in flower bed - outdoor decorating idea

2. Colourful Cement Tiles

If you have a cement tile patio, use latex floor paint to decorate the tiles in bright colours and patterns.

coloured patio tiles - outdoor decorating idea


3. Luminescent Pebble Pathways

Collect small pebbles and spray paint them with glow-in-the-dark paint. Once dry, put them between the cracks of a concrete or stone path to light it up at night.

4. Cupcake Lights

Hang your outdoor holiday lights around your patio. Place decorative cupcake liners over them as funky summer shades.

cupcake string lights - outdoor decorating idea


5. Outdoor Pillow Quilt

Collect all of your old throw pillows and sew them together to create a giant outdoor/backyard cushion for lounging and camping.

6. Decorative Stone Footprints

Create your own rock art that represents the members of your household. Use longer, oval-shaped stones for the soles of the feet and little pebbles for the toes.

stone footprints - outdoor decorating idea


7. Key Wind Chimes

Do you have a drawer full of old keys? Use them to make bright and fun wind chimes. Get your kids involved—spray paint the keys in colourful hues and hang them from a painted stick. You can also create a more traditional looking wind chime by using brass keys and hanging them from the bottom of an antique pot or coffee urn.

key wind chimes: outdoor decorating idea


8. Tic Tac Toe

Paint x’s and o’s on large round rocks for the pieces, and place nine tiles or stone slabs in the grass as the game board.

9. Cinderella Block Garden

This do-it-yourself raised garden bed can be elegant with the right touches. Paint the blocks a magical colour using latex paint and use them to create a square. Fill in the middle with soil and plant romantic flowers. Fill in the openings of each cinder block with soil as well, and plant herbs in the smaller holes.

cinder block garden - outdoor decorating idea


10. Little Lady Bugs

Do you have a bucket full of old golf balls you’re never going to use? Paint them with red, black and white paint to create cute little ladybugs. Place them in your garden or around potted plants.

golf ball lady bugs - outdoor decorating idea


And now for the one decorating don’t:

Outdoor Mirrors

While hanging framed mirrors on shed doors and fencing is trendy, it’s not nature-friendly. Like reflective windows, birds tend to fly into the mirrors, thinking that it is open space.


Have you tried any of these ideas? Let us know over on our Facebook page. Happy decorating!

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